The Finished Products

I procrastinate when it comes to the final stages of a project. My knitting process is something like this:

  1. What shall I knit? Oooooh that! I want to knit that! Or maybe ten of those!
  2. Knitting – whoop I’m knitting! I love knitting! Hurray for knitting!
  3. Blocking – Oh god…really? It’s that time again?  Who has the space let alone the will to do it?? Blocking is like the Monday morning of a project – it always seems to be blocking time. Maybe I’ll just put this in a cupboard for a few months until I have time to block it. Maybe I won’t block it at all…blocking seems a bit overrated anyway…
  4. Sewing – Why are there so many ends? Does anyone actually like sewing in ends?!
  5. I’ve finished! Whoop! What shall I make next?

My issues around blocking are probably the worst. You can get away with wearing something you haven’t blocked but you can’t really wear something with all the loose ends waving merrily in the breeze. Thus it’s easier to avoid blocking and so I do. But avoiding blocking means my aversion to it gets worse and I avoid it more. A vicious circle. Worse, I know that stuff would look better if I blocked it. Anyway my take it or leave it approach to blocking means 90% of the time I leave it…gasp!

If you’ve read my other posts you can probably figure out where this is going…I’ve sewn the Vivid blanket together…but I didn’t block it.

Vivid Blanket with Ribbon Border
Vivid Blanket with Ribbon Border


Vivid Blanket
Vivid Blanket with Ribbon Border

It would probably have looked better if I had blocked it but I just never got around to it and the squares were looking at me begging to be turned into a blanket. Fortunately, I really like the results anyway!

I got away with sewing sans blocking because I added a border which helped tidy up the wiggly edges (I know they are still a bit wiggly but they were super wiggly). I picked up stitches around the outside and did four rows of garter stitch then a row of eyelets – R1: [K2tog, yo], R2: P, R3: K – then a few more rows of garter. The blanket is for my cousin’s daughter and the ribbons I’ve woven through the eyelets are from the place settings at her wedding so that’s jolly.

So all in all, blocking is probably good…but I still don’t find it essential…but next time I definitely will. Maybe.

Ribbon Border
Ribbon border in the sunlight

I also finished the Diamond Blanket this weekend which I really enjoyed knitting and I love the end result.

Diamond Blanket
Diamond Blanket


Diamond Blanket
Diamond Blanket with Ribbing Border

So now I’m teeing up my next project – I’ve enjoyed the blanket days but I think it’s time for a change. Off to raid the stash. Happy knitting everyone!


Knitting? Crafting? Let us know.

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