The Londoner #makenine: progress and plans

I agree with The Shetlander, 2017 was a good year making wise (despite the last few months being a bit quiet on the blog…holiday crafting got a bit intense!) and I think focusing on the #makenine early in the year really helped me think about what I wanted to work on. Bonus, I actually stuck to it more than I thought I would!

A reminder: 2017s #makenine

2017 make nine
Photo credits & patterns L-R from top left: 1. Love Knitting’s Obliquo, photo from their website; 2. Baby Weasley Jumper you can find the pattern here. 3. Christmas presents standing-in to represent the mystery make. 4. Tin Can Knit’s  stunning Vivid Blanket, photo from their website; 5 & 6: Mini-Christmas stocking decorations, pattern at Little Cotton Rabbits 7: Shetland lace baby blanket, a very similar pattern available here; 8: I made this helmet cover pattern up and didn’t write it down. I shall work it out when I make the new one! 9: Stash busting monsters – filled with lavender so they also multitask to repel the dreaded moths!

  1. The plan was to make myself something bigger than a hat/wrist warmers that I could wear and also start building a bit of a made-by-me section in my wardrobe. I failed with this one last year but 2018 for sure going to get there.
  2. Weasley Jumper for a friend’s baby, a big ol’ tick. I enjoyed this pattern so much I actually ended up making two and have got two planned for friends this year, one on the needles already!
  3. This didn’t actually feature on the blog as it ended up being a sewing adventure and, by virtue of being a present, was secret until it had been received by the lucky recipient. Anyway, it’s another tick.
  4. Tin Can Knits Vivid Blanket – I completed this one only shortly after the baby it was knitted for arrived (hurrah!). Great pattern which I’d happily make again, possibly in colour next time as my version was white which possibly makes the name a bit of a misnomer!
  5. Christmas decorations…I think I might have a problem with Christmas decorations. I knitted them a lot. A. Lot. They became my go to, not sure what to knit, let’s make another Christmas bauble… At one point I was making one a day. It was definitely bordering on addiction. I shall post pictures of the evidence soon but when I was hooked there was no stopping for anything. It was great, I don’t regret a thing.
  6. As above, seriously I knitted so many two ticks is fair.
  7. I didn’t get around to doing another Shetland lace blanket or even buying the wool for it but again, I feel optimistic that this year could change that.
  8. Fluoro helmet hats were another project that went on the back burner in 2017 but having just put the old ones to use on a trip to France (and wow do they make you easy to spot on the mountain!) am keen to revisit. That being said need to find some more of the fluorescent wool first so it may take a while.
  9. This wasn’t so much a specific product as a goal to stash bust and use up/get rid of some of my stash and I’ve been pretty good this year. I haven’t invested in much new yarn and I had a clear out and disposed of any uninspiring wool that was still lurking in drawers giving anything usable to friends who knit/crochet/pom pom and local charity shops.  There were also many knitted mini-stockings to use up scrag ends of wool so I consider this a tick overall as well.

So, 2019, what do you have in store for me? I hope it will look a little something like this…

Make Nine 2018

Photo Credits and Patterns L-R from top left: 1. Bounce Blanket – Tin Can Knits; 2. Stockings – the Pottery Barn 3. Hue Shift Afghan – pattern from Knit Picks; 4. Weasley Jumpers – full blog on the pattern here; 5. Shetland Lace Blanket – pattern available here; 6. Polygon Blanket – Tin Can Knits; 7. Christmas baubles – pattern my own; 8. Harvest Cardigan – Tin Can Knits; 9. Christmas Stocking Decorations – pattern here.

  1. Bounce Blanket – I’ve wanted to make this for a while and as a few friends are expecting new arrivals in 2018 I hope this might be the year.
  2. Christmas Stockings (full size) – Stockings are always my favourite part of Christmas so they’ll be fun thing to make and spread the joy. I haven’t found a pattern I like as yet but I hope when I settle on/design one they’ll look something like these Pottery Barn ones.
  3. Hue Shift Afghan – I bought the kit from Knit Picks and it’s been keeping me quiet since before Christmas. It’s a lovely pattern to knit, interesting enough that you don’t get bored but straight forward enough that you can watch TV and not worry too much about what’s going on with the needles. I’m about halfway through so hope to finish it this month.
  4. Weasley Jumpers – two new Weasley jumpers for two new little Ravenclaw’s. Already started one, as soon as the Afghan’s finished I’ll put the sleeves on it.
  5. Shetland Lace Blanket –  I made one a few years ago and it was a fun pattern to make and really challenged me, I fancy a big project for the year so this might be it.
  6. Polygon Blanket – It may end up being a battle of the blankets as to which actually get cast on but Polygon is also in the running. Looks great, lovely use of colour and quite different to all the others.
  7. Christmas decs…because…look at how jolly they are!
  8. Harvest jumper – again would like to make myself something bigger than a hat and this pattern looks like it might be a good place to start.
  9. Christmas decs…see 7.

If anyone needs me I’ll be hiberknitting.


Knitting? Crafting? Let us know.

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