The Knitter’s Dilemma

I went on holiday last week which meant I was faced with the inevitable knitter’s dilemma…what project to take with me?

The blanket I’m working on is a bit bulky to chuck in a suitcase, not to mention it was a balmy 28°C in Italy which isn’t my preferred blanket knitting climate. Knitting blankets in winter is ideal when you can snuggle up underneath them as you go. Knitting blankets in summer (to me anyway) is just odd. Knitting at all when it’s really warm can be tricky, there is suncream to contend with, possibly the introduction of sand, and your tension can totally change when your hands get warm.

That being said I hate going away without knitting so I pondered what could I possibly take?

In the end there was an off the wall solution…



A few years ago I started making a patchwork out of all my old pyjamas. It’s still a work in progress but it’s much more portable than a full knitted crib blanket.